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The story begins in October 2020 with an old piano that was past the point of no return. With a combined love for pianos and engineering, The Piano Furniture Shop was founded with the aim of upcycling old, unplayable pianos into furniture and gifts.

Many people are unaware of how little money an old piano is in fact worth. Pianos are intricate and technical instruments which need a lot of attention and care and are designed to be played (of course). Therefore, when people decide to sell an old piano that has been sitting in the corner of their dining room for decades, they are often surprised to hear that their piano is worth little, and that it may even cost them dearly to have it removed. Furthermore, many old pianos are not cost effective to restore and often end up being destroyed. We thought this was a terrible shame and thought that these pianos could be put to better use. Each piano has been on its own unique journey and we believe that this should be valued.

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Co-founder, Chief Designer, Workshop

Dominic Wills

Dominic graduated with a first-class Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aston University. He is the chief designer and creator of our handmade bespoke piano furniture. Dominic has experience building kit cars for 'Great British Sports Cars' and has worked as a Design Technology Technician at a school in Bristol. He is currently a process engineer at Bridgnorth Aluminium, is an amateur jeweller and enjoys creating unique furniture in his spare time.

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Co-founder, Workshop, Photography

Jessica Bowen

Jessica is a musician and Teacher of Music at Shrewsbury High School GDST. She holds a first-class honours in Music from the University of Birmingham and an MA from the University of Bristol. Jessica spends a lot of time in workshop creating our unique piano-related gifts. She also pursues photography as a pastime and captures our handmade products. To see some pictures of what we get up to in workshop, visit our Instagram page.

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Take a look at our products...

You can purchase our products via our Etsy shop (see below).

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Eco Promise

At The Piano Furniture Shop, we are hugely passionate about keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum:

- We use as much of the pianos as we can in our products.

- We package our products in entirely recyclable materials (even the sticky tape).

- Our business cards are made from 100% recycled cotton.

- We use as much re-purposed/reused paper as we can to wrap our products in so that they make it to you in good condition (cutting out the recycling middle man).

To help us further, please reuse or recycle your packaging from us. We know that we are a small business but every little triumph makes a difference.

Kind Regards,

Dominic and Jessica

The Piano Furniture Shop x

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Visit our online shop!

Please visit our Etsy shop to purchase our upcycled piano gifts, handmade with love.


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Shropshire, United Kingdom

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